Nicole Kolpack on the comeback trail!

Nicole Kolpack’s car accident.

Nicole and friends were travelling on Campo Seco Rd. She was the last of 4 vehicles following each other. She hadn’t been to their destination before, the others had. The other kids realized they couldn’t see Nicole’s headlights anymore, got to the Jamestown end of Campo Seco Rd. and turned around because she should have showed up by then.  About ½ mile back up they saw a man with a spot light, stopped and asked if there was a blue pick up down there, he said yes.  One of the boys went down the 40 ft bank with a flashlight and saw that Nicole was breathing but he knew from his parametic friends that you don’t talk to a badly injured person so he shined the light until he could see she was breathing, the man and wife who’s property it was on had already called 911.  The kids say parametics got there within 5-10 minutes. They got Nicole out, the ambulance took her to the helipad and Sonora Regional and immediately flew her to Memorial North Trama Center in Modesto. The accident was at 11:30pm Saturday night. She was in the Trama Center at 12:30am. One hour later.

The kids were all tested by the CHP at the scene and every single one of them were sober for drugs and alcohol. There were no citations and no arrests.  They were all obeying the law that if they were not legally able to carry a passenger, they weren’t.  Nicole’s blood was taken and tested negative for drugs or alcohol.

Nicole received and collapsed lung and a fractured skull.  Nicole has been in a coma since the accident occurred.

We will be updating her condition on a regular basis,  thanks for all the prayers and support!