May 26th update

Day 25 A Good, peaceful, and progressive day. Sleeping beauty has graduated from a steady drip of medicine. They’ll give her small doses of either sedation to calm her or pain med only as needed. This means they have also announced they will start physical therapy ie: full range of motion on all her joints 2morrow. I remember weeks ago Dr.’s were telling us this may be a path we would head down (wean her off med. and start phyical therapy) and when they were explaining that to us I just remember thinking of how IF we ever got to that point IT WOULD BE A LIFETIME AWAY, that’s what it felt like then. We have reached a milestone. Again. :)    Now we will wait…the sedation the last few days made her quit opening her eyes. Hopefully after it wears off maybe by tomorrow?.. she may start in with her eyes?  That would be nice. Have to wait and c. Pray for her to wake up now. B4 they didn’t want her to but now it’s ok. This is what we all have to pray for now. Of course you all know if she does wake up. It won’t be like we do and she’ll most likely have to re-learn everything. Dr.’s say great age to do this. The older you are the worse that is. We love you. Kolpacks

May 25th update

Hi all, sure do like hearin’ little bits from ya. Your prayers are working. Nic is still in withdrawl but a lot better than yesterday. Still doin same stuff, but a step down from the high intensity level. Pain med is down to 25, with just 3 tiny sedations in the last 24 hrs. She is hypersensitive now, anything at all is too much for her, noice, touch, activity. We want her numbers as good as possible for her healing so we’re back to quiet room, no activity, no stimulation, its about her not us. Oh, she yawns! The biggest, most annimated, yawns, like a cartoon! Wrinkles in the face and all, funny and cool. Got the CHP report from the accident, doesn’t matter, but she wasn’t sighted, end of report. Have gotten notes from some people with pretty neat stories. Nice to read, nice inspirations. Keep it up friends, we’re doin it…Love Ya, Glenn and Bon

May 24th update was…uh, well Nicole is going through withdrawl from her medicine and we could tell she would much rather be doing something else…like laying in a peaceful coma! It was like a double edged sword. It was nice to see her whole body move around all over, but she did this constantly and it was pretty hard not to wish myself that she was back into the full coma. Of course, the staff doesn’t tell you like it is, but even the uneducated eye could see it was drug withdrawl.  So I asked and got a nod. They did give her 2 seperate very small doses of the sedation in the afternoon, which was a welcome sight. They were very slight doses. So it took the edge off just slightly for her, it didn’t knock her into la la land.  I’ve accepted all of it, but this was one I would’ve liked her to be able to skip. This evening will determine if we’ll go down again on the pain med, or wait till early am.  We got invited to an angel’s house: a retired critical care RN, that was herself was in a coma, and finished out her career doing massage and physical therapy on the same kind of people! She had Glenn and I both take a turn on the bed and she taught us both what to do to Nic’s body for therapy.  OMG-my shoulder blades and head are so sore! Glenn’s neck is even stiffer! SHE knows what the heck she’s doing, and those things on us got sore EXACTLY when she said they would! She gave us some special lotion she makes to use on our little girl, we will !!   Please pray for Nic’s today and tomorrow that things are a bit easier on her system from now on, a tough battle for such a yound lady. They still say she’s waking up, just don’t know what the package will be like after it’s open. Besides beautiful. Thank you.

May 23rd update

Day 22 IS THE BIGGEST DAY!    ONE eye opens. TWO eyes open!!!  The blinks are slow. We watched her use the good eye today for about an hour and a 1/2. The unjured one opens here and there. The good eye’s pupil moves gently and ever so slightly back and forth in the right ways, the drs say, they also say that she is not obsorbing what she is seeing yet, nor will she remember.  Nicole does not have a breathing machine anymore..Gone! It is not even there for just in case. Lung dr ordered it gone today. There is a tube that goes into her trach that’s attached to a “mist”. If the air she breathed came from her nose and mouth, she wouldn’t need the mist. Her sedation medicine is a thing of the past..Gone.  Her pain med went today from 150 down to 125. They will lessen it by 25 every 6 hrs…as she can tolerate..they may stay at one place for a while if her blood pressure and other numbers rise… When we got home our entire place was weedeated. Weeds…Gone! I watched Glenns face as we were lookin around our property..he was humbled..yes, he was humbled. Thank You Friends. I will pray that you get repaid for all your hard work today. I will certainly be there for each of you when you need it. Good Night.

May 22nd update

It was a very beautiful day. We watched our daughters eye (just one) open and blink (very, very slow blinks) and stay open and blink for about 5 minutes while they were moving and messing with her. I feel like there is a new transition we’re entering into. No, she does not do anything when asked, no, she does not move her eye around when her eye is open. But her eye looks different and there is a sense about her that is different. ……..the prayers….keep em’ comin…they r working.