June 18th update

Attached the most beautiful picture in the world. Nicole and her dad.

Hi To All We Love, Thought we’d tell ya bout 3 fundraising events in the no…

#1 – nicolewillwalk.com – can get updates on your own time/schedule, make donations, see photos.

#2 – This Sat and the few Sat’s. to follow huge donation/garage sale at our business 20159 Hwy 108, Sonora at the Tin Man mail box…..Nicoles friends are putting it on with some assistance from our family..they say ya can’t miss it!!! I guess the joints been jumpin’…check it out..also hear there’s lemonade and Lord knows what all else! On Hwy 108 East of Draper Mine Rd. & West of Soulsbyville Rd. Call Sandi 890-5663 for help donations, etc, for next few Sat.’s you won’t get her till after tomorrow’s sale on 6/19.

#3 – Elks Lodge fundraiser Aug. 22nd, 2010. 3:00p – 8:00p. Antique/classic car show, live music, raffle, auction, mexican dinner. If you’d like to help for Elks fundraiser go to justyragan@hotmail.com. and let them know in what ways you can help.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Nicole Kolpack’s family.

June 17th update

MAN..DO WE GOT SOME STUFF GOIN ON!! We are still “Emerging.” We are not awake. We crack our knucles, scratch our lip, move onto both sides, on back, on belly, sleep in all those ways. Ride in wheel chairs with left foot ever so slowly “Walking” to the side of wheel chair on the ground for a couple steps, then drags. Half the time when you tell Nicole to do something, she will, like “Pick up your foot and put it back on the wheel chair”, or “Pick up your head i’m going to put a pillow under it”, or “Open your hand up” Our family is lovin’ it…thought you would too. Please pray for Nicole to continue to emerg and become consious and grow a way to communicate, We love u, Kolpacks

June 16th update

Hey my favorite group of supporters, its Bon and Glenn again, we just wanna tell you that Nicole is not consious…not unconsious in a coma….but somewhere in the thunder and lightening storm inbetween!!! WOW …Yes the brains are the true majic and wonder of our universe and beyond.

Nicole’s graduation

You would have been there to watch our daughter graduate high school, so insted, here is a picture of her diploma and other important items we brought or collected there for her. Also are the words they said when it was Nicole’s turn. We’re extremely proud of the fact that she did this at age 16. Thanks for participating. Glenn and Bon