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Date: Aug 22, 2010, Sunday. Place: Elks Lodge, 100 Elk Dr., Sonora, Ca. 95370. Time: 3:00pm – 8:00pm Dinner 5:00pm, Live Music,Car Show, Raffle, Auction To: Donate go to, to donate items for raffle or auction, go to

Update July 1st

We are so impressed by Nicole and her team. So impressed.  She is still a quiet, silent angel. But here’s what she does these days:  Can eat ice cream, cream of wheat, drink from a straw, juice, milk.  Its the speach therapists’ job to get her to talk, so he brings these things in, and will tell her to tell him which one she wants, if she doesn’t then he’ll say well “How bout pointing to the one you want?” So that’ll usually work, one day she reached over and took the carton of milk and drank it down when he was asking her to say which one she wanted! That was kinda funny. She is guided by her therapists each morning to dress and clean up like we do, She helps them help her, she cannot do these things herself..yet. She has 4 therapys per day with 1-2 therapists at each session. They are wonderful and mean business. They kick everyone out, they’re not shy!  Then demand rest for her between each session, It’s all about Nicole, Yes it is. Family is fine with that. They are right, as soon as a session is over they put her in bed and her eye’s close instantly, she is very tired afterward. We have been told by one’s that have done it that the word is EXAUSTED. One gal told us she remembers not even being able to hold up a book to look at. So yes..we let Nicole rest. We are in better days, we’ll take that, Time it takes, don’t care. Our daughter is coming around. Thank u all for the love and prayers, still need em. Thank u. Kolpacks