day 137

Rogers played for us on his guitar the song he wrote for her..just like he sees her..”Perfect and Whole Nicole” we all sang it to her, she likes the song, she has the CD in her room and listens to it.  Attached is a picture of us that day, myself and husband Glenn and our two kids at the rehab center. There has been an entire village in Tuolumne County and an army of people scattered in the U.S. and other countries as well, that have kept us 4 together and sane (barely sane) throughout our ordeal. We and the rest of our family thank all of you for helping us do this. The prayers, the short words of encouragement, the hugs, have worked, for Nicole and us. Thank you all more than we can ever relay to you, ever. When Nicole comes home she will not need any special medical equipment, she will go to therapists outside the home under the supervision of her team in SF. She may take a long time to shower, get dressed, style her hair and put her make up on…..but she was like that before! So we don’t care if she’s slow for a while. We’ll take it. With smiles on our faces. Pray for us still please, we need it.  Love, Kolpacks

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