Day 92

DAY 92 – Our daughter is coming along. She can do the basic things that we can do….just will have to fine tune them in the next hand full of months there at rehab before we can bring her home. Bring her home, that’s a thought that is really nice to have on our minds. For A LONG TIME, we were not given that idea. Now we are. How much fine tuning she’ll be able to do, we’ll all have to wait and see. But it looks so much better than we all anticipated. They’re goal is to have her doing these things on her own when they release her to go home: eating, dressing, walking, talking, making some food, all with little or no assisstance. Will she need help? Yes. Will she do it all as fast and fine tuned as us? Eh.. If it happens it’ll be a long time. She will have to continue therapy at home for a few years forsure. But they do say these are the goals they’ve set based on their experience. OK, well take that. The thoughts and mind organization, and carring out well planned things…That’s all a slower, more wait and see later down the road thing. They’ve always said too that her age is on her side. But again, check out what we do have…yeah…cool stuff. We’ve been putting together some pictures for you readers, soon will have it ready for you. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of Nicole and myself! She uses her voice now, yes it is pretty, just like always. The best I can describe her state of mind is this: She’s about 80% there. Most of the time her choice of words are on. Sometimes she’ll come out with something that isn’t on. Then toward her more tired times, the last few words of the sentence will roll out all together. To watch all this take place…it’s neat, scary, great, amazing, shocking, cool, and terrible….all at the same time. Me and Glenn are sure glad to have you all here with us for it. Thanks. Please pray for her full and complete recovery and for her emotions to be ok during all of this. Love, Kolpacks

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