Day 99

DAY 99 – It’s Bonnie, I am in Sonora today. My mom was with Nicole last night and today, while she was there, she had Nicole email me, ( type in the email ). It looked sorta like this: dkkkkkktognmaslgjdjkdkk !! Then my mom narrated in words I could read. She’s also called us and put Nicole on the phone. How cool is that to answer your phone and it be your daughter sayin “Hi Mom” If any of you out there think thats to much of a regular thing that goes on in your day…I sure would appreciate you making it a cool thing in your day instead. A special thing that lights up your day and night. Really special. Let’s see this week Nicole is: Walking more smoothly with her therapist assistance. I tested her myself when I was standing with her at the sink the other day. I let real loose of her to see how much she can stand on her own. It was really pretty strong and way more stable than I realized. Of course I didn’t let go of her, but none the less I was surprised at how sturdy it was. Her voice is “Filling in” better everyday. It sounds like her, but everyday it sounds like her more. Like maybe her voice sorta started out like when we wake up in the morning, then it smooths into our regular voice. That’s kinda how her voice has been, just more filled in everyday. I got some pretty good questions from you all. I think these two are something I should share with all of you: Has she ever had seisures? Nope. Never. Can she see out of the eye that was swollen after the accident? She says she can. She reads ok. There is a super eye specialist that saw her the first week she went to SF and said her muscles and tendons were all in tact in the eye and he’d see her again in 6 weeks or so. I believe that will be here in a week or so. I’ll report what he says about the eye exam to you. Our family had a terrible scare: My sisters 17yr old son fell from a skate board, hit his head, had bleeding in his head, spent 3 days in the hospital waiting for that HORRIFIYING first 72 hours to see if or how much the brain swelling was. Glenn and I were up most of the first night. It brought back terrible, upsetting stuff we went through with Nicole, and it was too much to think our family may have to go through this again. It’s very heartbraking to think someone you love, like your sister is headed down one of the worst roads, and you know the way. There is good news, (better than it could’ve been). He was released with a bad concusion, will have bad headaches for 6 weeks and is banned from contact sports for the year. Gosh, to me and Glenn that was such good news. It’s been neat being able to sit around and talk and laugh and eat with Nicole. Can hardly wait till we can bring her home. Keep the prayers comin for her full and complete recovery. Thanks, :) Getting a lot of feedback and response to her fundraiser Aug 22. Glenn and I will be there. for the details. Love Ya, Glenn and Bon

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