May 21st update

Hi..are you tired of hearing from us? Hope’s been a good way to vent our tears and triumphs. We love you. So last night when I was mopping up the water while Glenn was outside with the pick up, I called the hospital and told them, due to the faulty brain tool, if her numbers go up 2nite then call us, were coming down, order the brain dr to come meet us and we’ll see if it’s the tool or if she needs more SEDATION!!! So hospital said ok. Then  3 minutes later when Glenn got back to the house, he took the phone outside and called the hospital and told them the same thing plus, ” I don’t EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT SHE’S BEEN SEDATED FOR A WEEK TOO LONG BECAUSE OF YOUR LOUSY BRAIN TOOL” Then he came in and told me he called the hospital, I said “So did I” !!! So an hour later the Dr. called (9:00pm ish) He came in and removed the brain probe, they have to deplete the sedation over a period of time so it’ll take a few days still for that to wear off. And  he said that the face usually mirrors the brain, her face looks very normal and healthy, and “I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when she wakes up”  That’s what he said.  Today Glenn and her big brother Wes came in, opened the curtains, let the sunshine in and said “Hey…it’s time to wake up, you’ve been sleeping for 20 days!!!” So they played with her tickling her feet and playing peek – a – boo with her eyes! And talked to her ALL DAY!  It was a great way for Glenn and Wes to spend their day…today was Skeeters birthday, Glenns son (Wes’ brother) that died in a car wreck. The anniversary of his death was Parade day, ya know, 2 weeks ago. Glenn says he sure would like to end this day with a shot a taquila and a beer chaser.  But he won’t.  When the goin gets tough, the tough get goin.  Thanks for bein’ r friend.

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