May 23rd update

Day 22 IS THE BIGGEST DAY!    ONE eye opens. TWO eyes open!!!  The blinks are slow. We watched her use the good eye today for about an hour and a 1/2. The unjured one opens here and there. The good eye’s pupil moves gently and ever so slightly back and forth in the right ways, the drs say, they also say that she is not obsorbing what she is seeing yet, nor will she remember.  Nicole does not have a breathing machine anymore..Gone! It is not even there for just in case. Lung dr ordered it gone today. There is a tube that goes into her trach that’s attached to a “mist”. If the air she breathed came from her nose and mouth, she wouldn’t need the mist. Her sedation medicine is a thing of the past..Gone.  Her pain med went today from 150 down to 125. They will lessen it by 25 every 6 hrs…as she can tolerate..they may stay at one place for a while if her blood pressure and other numbers rise… When we got home our entire place was weedeated. Weeds…Gone! I watched Glenns face as we were lookin around our property..he was humbled..yes, he was humbled. Thank You Friends. I will pray that you get repaid for all your hard work today. I will certainly be there for each of you when you need it. Good Night.

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