May 25th update

Hi all, sure do like hearin’ little bits from ya. Your prayers are working. Nic is still in withdrawl but a lot better than yesterday. Still doin same stuff, but a step down from the high intensity level. Pain med is down to 25, with just 3 tiny sedations in the last 24 hrs. She is hypersensitive now, anything at all is too much for her, noice, touch, activity. We want her numbers as good as possible for her healing so we’re back to quiet room, no activity, no stimulation, its about her not us. Oh, she yawns! The biggest, most annimated, yawns, like a cartoon! Wrinkles in the face and all, funny and cool. Got the CHP report from the accident, doesn’t matter, but she wasn’t sighted, end of report. Have gotten notes from some people with pretty neat stories. Nice to read, nice inspirations. Keep it up friends, we’re doin it…Love Ya, Glenn and Bon

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