May 26th update

Day 25 A Good, peaceful, and progressive day. Sleeping beauty has graduated from a steady drip of medicine. They’ll give her small doses of either sedation to calm her or pain med only as needed. This means they have also announced they will start physical therapy ie: full range of motion on all her joints 2morrow. I remember weeks ago Dr.’s were telling us this may be a path we would head down (wean her off med. and start phyical therapy) and when they were explaining that to us I just remember thinking of how IF we ever got to that point IT WOULD BE A LIFETIME AWAY, that’s what it felt like then. We have reached a milestone. Again. :)    Now we will wait…the sedation the last few days made her quit opening her eyes. Hopefully after it wears off maybe by tomorrow?.. she may start in with her eyes?  That would be nice. Have to wait and c. Pray for her to wake up now. B4 they didn’t want her to but now it’s ok. This is what we all have to pray for now. Of course you all know if she does wake up. It won’t be like we do and she’ll most likely have to re-learn everything. Dr.’s say great age to do this. The older you are the worse that is. We love you. Kolpacks

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