May 27th update

Today was a good day. Nic’s looks so good and the fact that she’s off  the steady drip feels so good. (Well to us, don’t know about her!) Her movements seems very good and more progressive than even yesterday. She is still hiding her eye’s but dad examines em anyway, and to us they are doing the right things, Dr.’s say so too. She lifts up her head and some of her shoulders probably about 3 inches off the bed. These are all signs of the waking up stage Dr.’s say. So She is only on a small to medium dose of (neosenephryn) type medicine so her blood pressure doesn’t go too low. After she is off that they will move her to the other side of the hosp floor.  That along with her waking up would be a beautiful combination.  It would eleminate the double plans we are now having to consider: If she’s awake, then we move her later to this group of places. If she isn’t, then we move her to that group of places. Pray that she wakes, we are ready.

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