May 28th update

DAY 27  was a reminder day from our Dr.’s. Had a big group into Nicole’s pad for a long time and a lot of evaluations. The news is a stark reminder that were in for a long ride. Like around a year in hospitals. The only rule of thumb is that where ever Nicole is in 2 years is pretty much where she’ll stay..As long as there’s no turns in other directions, which we haven’t had. That’s what we do know. There isn’t gonna be any quick wake up then we get to drive her home that day. She has tylenol and once in a great while a shot of pain med or sedation, well she only had that after they gave her the once over today. She definately gets riled up..we take that as a good thing, she doesn’t want anybody messen with her. Please talk to her in your own way and let her know she is safe, everyone is helping her and it’s ok to wake up now. Then pray. Thank you for being with us. Kolpacks

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