May 30th update

Today was a nice day. We had a new nurse that was very careful and cautious. She thought Nic’s was a little to stiff feeling today, which she stiffens up here and there, you can still move her around when she’s like that and she’ll actually lighten up and let you move her. (She didn’t let you move her lets say the first 12ish days when she stiffened up though.) So the nurse gave her a small shot of sedation and a small shot of pain med and thought that maybe she had digestive problems, ordered an ultra sound on her tummy, and called the brain dr to see if she should give Nic some muscle relaxer med. So after ultra sound came back ok, yeah there was poop in her intestines, brain dr. said no to the muscle relaxer med but ordered a CT scan on her head just as a preventative to make sure nothing has changed that we may not know about. So Nurse or dr will call us 2nite after CT is read,  but brain dr said he doesn’t anticipate seeing anything different than the last one, (which looked like a normal 1 if you’re a seasoned reader, you’ll remember that,)  but again, they’ll call.  I know i’ve did my share of complaining bout this stuff, but a day like today makes me glad to have the staff working on Nic that we do because they are very cautious and preventative with problems that can occur they head em up at the pass then knock em off before the problem actually gets to my baby! Good day, good stuff. Let Nicole know in your prayers that she’s safe, everyone is helping her and it’s ok to wake up now. When I tell her that as i’m huggin’ her around her beautiful head, I can feel her with a feeling of relief and steadyness come over her, you can see it too. She likes those words, so do I. Love Kolpacks         …………………..OH BRAIN DR JUST CALLED…………….yep, same as the last one. ttyl

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