update 12/11/10

Hi,  The Kolpacks are all still goin with the program! The last 2 months my laptop crashed. I lost the following update I wrote on Nicole for you. (Now by chance, I found it without anyone helping me, derrr) I bought a new laptop, got it all goin, realized this was lost forsure because the new laptop had a bad hard drive. So I had to buy a 2nd  new laptop, do all the transfers again and figure a way to send the other one back, which is a joke. All this is ok if you have 6 hrs a day to play with it all. I don’t. Any time lately that I did have to write a new update was spent instead by pouting over all of this I’ve had to go through, instead. Then trying to look back at my calendar to try to put these descriptions of our lives on paper a second time. It’s hard to go back to in my mind, although I had a new one partially written. The update’s I’ve written are a great way for me to share at the time, but to make myself go back to those places in my mind, even the good thoughts are way to painful, I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that the patients I have now even empress myself! Yes, that’s right, I’m bragging on myself because of what I endure and more importantly, HOW I choose to endure it. Ever cry over a laptop crash? Ever call the people helping you with your computer and pressure or demand from them that you’re what needs to be the priority? I never did. I would have before. I just have a different way of measuring my problems now and assessing the ways in which I decide to deal with them. Check that out the next time you find yourself getting all tied up over something. Stop to remeasure, reassess. Now I’m so excited that I can now send this to you that I’m not even going to read it.  so …..now you’re updated a bit.  And now I have a half smile inside, yeah. To put together new information on Nicole’s life since the rehab center won’t be so hard for me to do for you now. Had a GREAT day after Thanksgiving thank u party. The friends and family supporting us is breathtaking.  Will be sharing that and much, much more very soon. Keep the prayers comin’. We still need them, Nicole still needs them. Love us Kolpacks.