Update July 22

DAY 82 We’ve been in SF for a month already. We were expecting a bland week because we’ve been warned that there are plateau’s in recovery. There are set backs in recovery. We got an exciting week! Nicole is getting stronger literally by the day. In all ways. She can now say all or most of a sentence with just one breath like us. But without her voice, it’s still a whisper that sounds like our whispers do. If she’s tired, the words can drift or roll in together. If she giggles or coughs, her real voice comes through, they say it’s just a matter of time for her voice to kick in, boy, that’ll be like hearing the angel’s sing. That’s been our favorite thing about the last month, they can tell you what to expect in the future. My husband and I. all of us, went way too long without knowing anything at all about a future with that girl. Her walking has gone from 3 therapists gripping her like bears to one therapist holding a safety belt with one hand just for safety and using the other hand to guide her shoulder for balance. She is walking fast! We wouldn’t believe it if we couldn’t see it for ourselves. She is still unstable with her balance but i’m here to tell ya …it’s coming right along. We were recently able to celebrate her birthday … She got many gifts. The gift we got…I held up a card so she could see her little brother signed it. Instead of me telling her about that….she blurted out and read me the card!!! Yea..everyone in the room just about dropped to the floor, the next day her therapists tested her ….held up something and told her to read it…She did. Her caretakers and nurses really love her. they are always doing her hair, helping her dress in cool colors and clothes, talking with her, and loving on her. If it weren’t for them, leaving her once in a while to care for her little brother and our business would be impossible. Nicole will be getting therapy there for a hand full of months still. We don’t know exactly how long. Then she’ll have therapy when she returns home aswell..but paying for the recovery with a hand full of months, having members of our family here, there and everywhere all the time, waking up in the morning and having to think for a minute what town we’re in….we can do all that standing on our head. Having quite a bright future ahead for our daughter…priceless! Thanks for you support. Please keep your prayers coming. And send Nicole your positive energy for her confidence and complete recovery.

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