Update June 27th, 2010

Lots goin on! Nicole tolerated the move like it was nothin. She is semi consious, in and out. But that doesn’t mean her memory is there at all, or hit and miss, no one knows, she’s the one that can say. The morning of the move I knew was a consious time and that she needed to be told what was going to happen. So I bend over her and made everyone wait. I told her that we had to move her to a nice place in SF that would help her like P.E. classes and get her strong again. That we had to put her in an ambulance and it was a good ambulance ride, not a bad ambulance ride. That me and Daddy will be driving behind the ambulance with her stuff and we will be there at the new P.E. place when she gets there. After they got her in her new room, and we put all her stuff away I went to her to see how she was, seemed consious. So I asked her if she was ok, she gave me the tiny yes nod. I told her she’d been in a wreck, that she’d been sleeping 52 days and that the people here were special hospital rehab doctors that were ready to help her get well now that she’s starting to wake up. One tear ran down her face. And mine. She is like in a cocoon. Can’t break out all the way. Love from mom and dad make her feel better though….Then 5 days later….She has a bandaid on her neck where tubes used to be. She breaths like us! Can smell. She can talk too, but doesn’t know it yet. She no longer has a neck brace collar. So she’s lookin just like anybody else. She’s regular looking. They put t-shirts and shorts on her. They can get her up to use a walker, it takes 2 people with her of course, but from 52 days in bed to 8-10 steps is huge, Huge, HUGE!!! They are slow steps, if they say right foot, she moves right foot. Left, left. They tell her the first 2 steps then she does the rest. Once when we were gone, we had them bring her a phone and when the nurse put it toward her head, she reached for it, brought it to her ear and listened to us talk to her, nurse said she was nodding her tiny little nods, yes, um hum, yes….so miss Nicole is slowly making her journey back to us, in time maybe she’ll be able to tell us what she remembers. Some people have told us they didn’t remember 2-3mos in rehab until they got home, others have said they have in and out’s at rehab. So we’ll see. It’s cool to see her coming around though. Very cool. Her dad asked her for a hug, said he hadn’t gotten one from her in a long time. Her left arm reached all the way around his back, I snuck the right one up, then it was ok…and I watched her rub his back, didn’t have to ask him later about that, already knew what it did for him. God has heard you, please keep it up..and Thank you from the bottom of my mending heart.

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