Update September 21st

Hi Friends,
There was a story in today’s Union Democrat newspaper about Nicole coming home (9-21-10). Unfortunately, we, (our family) didn’t know it was being written about and the reporter didn’t speak with me or any of my family members when he wrote it. But he did quote me on my last update from nicolewillwalk.com, so that was nice. The name of the rehab center is not quite right. The amount of money from the fundraiser is way wrong . However, Glenn and I are carefully considering ways to make every dollar of it work for Nicole, We are looking into pooling some of our own money with it for some schooling to assist people with her type of  needs receive college diplomas. But one thing is true, we are preparing for Nicole’s homecoming! We are on a high! We are definately HAPPY bout it!!!  We are trying to get the rest we need aswell so we don’t melt down!  I will be filling you in soon with my updates, just the way I always have. It has worked for us since the beginning of our incredible journey. What was important to us was getting out the true story to the people that wanted to know, Thanks for being there, Thanks for being our ears and hearts. And a special thanks to the reporters and crew of the Union Democrat prior to todays story that have reported on Nicole, they have always done their homework, talked to us, the one’s that know the details best, and have always taken time to speak with officials in the know. Keep the prayers comin’…they are workin’  Love, us Kolpack’s :)

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